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For this, set a proper time table for yourself and follow it sincerely. Stay tuned with everything What are you preparing for?

NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions

An at last, before you go to bed, try to revise quickly what you have studied the whole day. It seems that your are too worried for your exams. This is all from my side, now the ball is in your court.

My scores come down because of my marks in Physics, and Chemistry. Plz tell me especially in physics how to score full marks. There is no need to get disappointed. Just try to solve them on your own. So, work hard, you will definitely get good marks.

CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects

Still you have some time left. Jump on to the previous year papers and sample papers of board exams and start practicing. Do not forget to revise things from time to time. If you will practice with this spirit, then you will definitely get the results. Hi Manish, first of all let me congratulate you for such an excellent percentage and yes, you are always welcome in our website.

Do regular study and be focused while studying. Keep practicing more and more.

At this moment, i can only suggest you to start studying. Make sure whatever you are studying, you are getting clear with that concept. As only two months are left for your boards, so start working hard. Hope you are getting the point. Hi Lekshmi, glad to know that our article were helpful to you.

12th Maths Study Material Download - Padasalai No.1 Educational WebsiteImportant Questions for CBSE Class 7 Maths

But not for practical subjects that need practice like Physics, donauinselfest programm pdf Chemistry and Computer science. Choosing science stream was one of the important decision of your life. For subjects like Maths and Physics try to understand the concept first and then move towards the questions. You can get excellence in maths only if you will be practicing it thoroughly. And you can get good command over maths also by practicing and making your concepts clear.

CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects

NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions12th Maths Study Material Download

This is the only solution for Maths subject. Hey Deep, may be your problem is that you write longer answer than needed. Family Get-together, your friend circle, social network, anything which is wasting your time, just leave it.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 7 Maths

First of all you need to figure out that whether you will be able to give proper time for board exam and competitive exam altogether or not. Practice numerals, derivations and equations, etc. Keep on practicing and be determined that yes i will do this.

12th Maths Study Material Download - Padasalai No.1 Educational Website

So, be confident and start working hard. Just be focused and dedicated while studying. First of all try to keep your answers neat and clean, even the calculation part. Will you plz give some idea what can I do further? You will definitely get good marks.

Work hard, you will get good marks. So, how can I prepare for both? Along with this also practice from previous year paper and sample paper as, you will get the idea of important questions. Just keep yourself motivated.

Will it really help me for the board exam preparations? Maths I think the problem can be your methods and technique of calculating. So, keep on practicing, utilize all your time in your studies. So, start working hard, you will get good marks.

So let me give some points that what the high scoring students do while preparing for their exam. Then since you are preparing for competitive exam also so, study from refreshers. And give more time to the subjects, that you find difficult. And we wish you all the best for your exams.

Organic is not that boring as you think. Get into the habit of waking up early, set a time table that at what time period you have to complete how many chapters and make sure you are over with your revision one month before your exams. Time management is a key weapon of every successful student, using the time in a proper way will definitely give you a great boost while preparing for your board exams. Same in the case of Chemistry and Physics.

Keep in mind that you are the only one who will decide what to do and what not to do, no one can direct you to the path to your destiny. Taking food meals on proper time, taking proper sleep and giving a great time to studies are the key points of time management.

Next thing is formulas which are very important and you must remember all of them by heart. Keep all the formulas in your finger tips. You can also prepare a pocket diary in which you will write only the Important formulas. Like my good buddies, I too thought that there is a plenty of time for board exams and I can make it before the exam arrives at the doors. Set a time table for you and utilize all your time in your studies and start preparing from sample papers and previous year question papers.

Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks for sure. Sir my self Mahesh pandey. Practice and only regular study will give you good results in this case. Just concentrate on your course book, and once you are finished with it, try to solve all the sample papers, previous year question papers.

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If you are convinced that you can do better by self studying then go for it. Now, all you need is to concentrate fully on your Board exams. Previous year papers can be used as weapon for board exam.

You will get good results. You need to give your attention towards your studies and study regularly. Just keep working hard and be focused.