1991 Volvo 740 Repair Manual Pdf

After the car has been washed, apply wax or an anti-rust preparation. Do not load your car beyond the load limits indicated. Apply the parking brake and press the brake pedal firmly to hold the car to prevent it from moving when the gear selector is moved. Volvo and series airco compressor check. Increase tire pressure to maximum allowed, i.

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Sun roof Depress the button prior to cranking. Cast-iron cylinder block with cylinders bored directly in block. Engine, manual transmission and rear axle oils will be changed at this time.

Volvo reserves the right lo make model changes at any. Please note that these manuals may be offered for sale by your Volvo dealer. Volvo car cassette desk owner's manual volvo pages.

Volvo 740 1991 Owners Manual PDF

Your Dealer will also be able to supply you with bulbs, fuses, spark plugs and wiper blades for your use in the event that problems occur. Shock absorbers housed in strut casing. Check the coolant level when filling fuel. Aluminum-alloy cylinder head with single overhead camshaft and separate intake and outlet channels. The alignment specifications apply to an unladen car but include fuel, coolant, and spare wheel.

Volvo 740 Manual

Take care not to spill gasoline during refueling. It can continually compensate for variations in engine load, speed and temperature to give the best economy and power.

Maintenance Schedule Tire Wear Align front end if needed. Commercial use and publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited. The headlight high beam will be on until the lever is released. Your Volvo dealer will be able to assist you with any questions regarding the operation of this equipment. To avoid excessive wear and the necessity of rebalancing, mark and reinstall wheels in same location as before removal.

One light is located in the instrument panel and one in the console between the front seats. Open circuit between starting ignition switch and starting ignition switch terminal on starter. The plate is located on the panel above the right-side head lights. For further information regarding these regulations, please consult your Volvo dealer. Seat Belts As the seat belts lose much of their strength when exposed to violent stretching, they should be replaced after any collision, even though they may appear to be undamaged.

Do not export your Volvo to another country before investigating that country's applicable safety and exhaust emission requirements. Instruments Your Volvo has passed two major inspections before being delivered to you, according to Volvo specifications.

Move the lever towards the steering wheel. Turn the steering wheel slightly to free the ignition key. Avoid contact with eyes and skin! Complete ordering information is provided. Break-in period This section on starting and driving contains items such as starting the engine, operating gear selector, towing, trailers.

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The oil level should be up to the filler plug. Lift the wiper arms away from the windshield. Check power steering fluid level. Use lukewarm water to soften the dirt before you wash with a sponge, and plenty of water, to avoid scratching.

It is essential that the load be secured safely. Always lower the antenna when entering automatic car wash.

Checking and adjusting idle speed Your Volvo is equipped with an electronically-controlled idle speed system that requires no checking or adjustment. In the event the original keys are lost, duplicates may be ordered from your Volvo dealer. Oil spilled on a hot exhaust pipe constitutes a fire risk.

91 Volvo 740 1991 Owners Manual

Some of the repair manuals below are of a Volvo series or series but can be used for the Volvo series as well. The rustproofing compound under the car should be checked regularly and, if necessary, damaged areas should be repaired. Amazon parts book P parts catalog parts book parts catalog parts manual parts book parts catalog parts catalog parts catalog. When washing the car, do not expose it to direct sunlight. On hills, como escribir en pdf also turn the front wheels toward the curb.

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Certified mechanics have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas. When using these oils, the Volvo recommended oil change intervals must be followed.

Safety-type steering column. An additional driver's air louver is located beneath the steering column and can be adjusted upwards, downwards, or closed as desired.

After an oil change, the oil level will lie between the two marks on the dipstick i. Low oil level can cause internal damage to the engine and overfilling can result in high oil consumption. Page Check hoses and connections on distributor vacuum unit, connections on heater control servo systems and hydraulic brake servo. Loose or corroded battery cable terminals. The system will be switched off automatically after minutes or when the starting ignition key is switched off.