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Safety belt assemblies not in use during a collision should also be inspected and replaced if either damage or improper operation is noted. Grasp the shoulder portion of the belt and pull downward until all of the belt is extracted and a click is heard. This code does not replace the permanent code that the dealership gave you. Lift the hood until the lift cylinders hold it open. Your message center computes this figure using the distance traveled and fuel used information.

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Page Accessories Ford Accessories for Your Vehicle A wide selection of accessories is available through your local authorized dealer. Page Cleaning the Seats Leather For routine cleaning, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. The residue may consist of cornstarch or talcum powder which is used to lubricate the air bag or sodium compounds, such as sodium carbonates e.

For further questions about your Lincoln cellular phone, guitar making by william cumpiano pdf contact the Ford Cellular System at U. See your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Ford motor company lincoln town car owner's guide pages. Also See for Town Car Owner's manual - pages.

Put the gearshift in P Park. Be sure to read all of the information provided on the following pages to get the most out of this system. Automatic Transmission Fluid If the power steering fluid is low, do not drive your vehicle for a long period of time before adding fluid. If you do not know which information applies to your vehicle, talk to your dealer.

Lincoln 1997 Town Car Owner s Manual

Set the parking brake fully and make sure that the gearshift is securely latched in P Park. For example, when operated, such systems may cause the engine to stumble or stall. With your foot on the brake, shift through all the gears while the engine is running. For best results, plug the heater in at least three hours before you start your vehicle. Temperature A B C Treadwear The treadwear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test course.

1997 Lincoln Town Car - Owner s Manual (305 pages)Free Download

You may accelerate with the accelerator pedal at any time during speed control usage. The power mechanism will automatically pull down and securely latch the trunk lid shut.

Avoid running out of fuel because this situation may have an adverse effect on modern powertrain components. Wipe the surface with a damp, soft cloth, then dry and buff with a dry, soft cloth. Using a Ford Cassette Cleaning Cartridge or equivalent to clean the tape player head after hours of play will help maintain the best playback sound and proper tape operation. To set the minutes, press and hold the minute button. Your vehicle is equipped with a Brake Shift Interlock safety feature.

Page combination seat belt is latched into the buckle, the cinch tongue will allow the lap portion to become shorter, but locks the webbing in place to restrict it from becoming longer. Remember to turn off the ignition when filling up with fuel. Be sure to read and understand Precautions When Servicing Your Vehicle at the beginning of this chapter. The tape will eject only when in the tape mode.

Tires Maintain recommended air pressures. Speed Control To change the position of the steering wheel, pull the release lever on the column toward you. Automatic Transmission Fluid Under normal circumstances, you do not need to check the fluid level of the transmission, since your vehicle does not use up transmission fluid.

Regularly scheduled maintenance of the air bag system is not required. Trailer Towing Trailer Towing Your vehicle is not equipped to tow.

Lincoln 1997 Town Car Owner s Manual

Higher readings may be obtained when the vehicle is not moving. This indicates the retractor is in the automatic locking mode. Before you start your vehicle, you should test the warning lights on the instrument panel to make sure that they work. If someone swallows the acid, have him or her drink lots of milk or water first, then Milk of Magnesia, a beaten egg, or vegetable oil. Replace the fuel cap completely when you are finished.

You should pull up on the handle rather than push to develop maximum force to loosen wheel lug nuts. All of the vehicle doors will lock and then unlock to confirm erasure.

It is dedication to learning what you want, determination to develop the right concept, and execution of that concept with care, precision, and attention to detail. You must adjust them to fit snugly and as low as possible around your hips. Enter the original permanent code. The sensor that detects rear glare is located inside a window in the center of the mirror.

This decal identifies engine displacement and gives some tune-up specifications. Check the coolant level following the instructions on checking and adding coolant to your engine, see Engine Coolant in the Index. The right lamps are for the right side passengers and the left lamps are for the driver and rear left side passenger. For a short time the fan will be at low speed and air directed to the windshield.

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Consult your dealer for specific weight information. Page Always dispose of used automotive fluids in a responsible manner. Locate the training button on the garage door opener receiver. Press one of the memory buttons and hold until the sound returns and the lamp above the memory button lights up. Brake Fluid Brake Fluid Under normal circumstances, your vehicle should not use up brake fluid rapidly.

Sun Visors There are two light sensors photocells in this mirror. In the standard position, the steering effort increases at about the same rates as the vehicle speed increases. Also, use the safety belt extension only if the safety belt is too short for you when fully extended. Apply lubricant to the hood latch at six-month intervals to maintain smooth and trouble-free operation.

Otherwise, the lube should not be checked or changed unless a leak is suspected or repair required. Have your tow truck driver refer to this manual for the proper hook-up and towing procedures for your vehicle. This radio will tune to each of these frequencies using manual tune and no fine tuning is necessary as radio stations may not use other frequencies. Do not clean plastic parts with thinners, solvents or petroleum-based cleaners. Before you can reach and latch a combination lap and shoulder belt having a cinch tongue into the buckle, you may have to lengthen the lap belt portion of it.

Page Ford strongly recommends the use of genuine Ford replacement parts. Enter your permanent five-digit code not the user code you may have set.

Page Rear towing When calling for a tow truck, tell the operator what kind of vehicle you have. Remember the engine must be off, the oil must be warm and the vehicle must be parked on level ground. Page Checking and Adding Engine Oil Since the proper amount of engine oil is important for safe engine operation, check the oil using the dipstick each time you put fuel in your vehicle.

Tip the steering wheel to the desired position. However, expect the level of the brake fluid to slowly fall as you put more mileage on your vehicle and the brake lining wears.

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