1999 Dodge Durango Service Manual Pdf

Apply a coat of light mineral grease to the terminals. Worn or burned distributor rotor. This procedure requires that the engine is crankshaft bores. Be careful not to damage the crankshaft seal bore of cover. The tappet should be replaced.

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Refer to procedure in this section. Mark the secondary timing chain prior to removal to aid in installation. Separate engine from insulator by removing upper nut washer assembly and bolt from engine support bracket. Clean and tighten battery connections.

The seal area on block mating surfaces. Finger tighten pump attaching bolts. Charge or replace as necessary. Check the gasket for use in head cover installation.

Manuals - Dodge

Manuals - Dodge

Press rotor to the side with your fingers and measure clearance between rotor and pump body Fig. Install the mounting bolt and nuts. Refer to Tim- ing Chain Cover in this section. It will not cure if left in the uncovered tube. The cylinder head is attached to the cylinder block with fourteen bolts.

For gasket rails are flat. Install the crankshaft into the cylinder block.

When installing crankshaft, future generation computer systems pdf use care not to damage bearing surfaces on the crankshaft. Refer to Crank- shaft Main Bearings in this section for procedure.

Apply sealant to the tone wheel retaining screws prior to installation. Oil from the receive oil from the main bearing galleries.

Clean head rail, if necessary. The camshaft bearings hole in the corresponding rocker arm. Clean oil screen and pipe thoroughly in clean sol- vent. If damaged, use a new gasket. Do not overlook the four smaller bolts at the front of the cylinder head.

For refer- ence purposes, mark the chain-to-sprocket position Fig. This anaerobic type gasket material cures in the absence of air when squeezed between smooth machined metallic surfaces. The exhaust manifolds The engine oil pan is made of laminated steel and are covered by a three layer laminated heat shield has a single plane sealing surface. If ok, Perform oil pressure test.

Position the right side camshaft so that the Fig. An Energy Conserving type oil is recommended for gasoline engines. Select inserts required to obtain the specified bearing-to-journal clearance. The engine serial number is located at the right front side of the engine block Fig. One half of the main bearing is located in the crank- shaft main bore the other half of the matching bear- ing is located in the main bearing cap Fig.

Inspect condition of screen. Incorrect ignition timing. Refer to Crankshaft in this section for procedure. It may be necessary to block the crankshaft to prevent rotation. Replace distributor rotor.

Refer to Engine Assembly in this section for procedure. The upper material after assembly. When installing a new upper bearing shell, slightly chamfer the sharp edges from the plain side. Mating surface of the oil pump housing should be smooth.

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Each The valve springs are made from high strength secondary chain drives a thirty tooth cam sprocket chrome silicon steel. The exhaust manifolds are made of high silicon molybdenum cast iron.