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Check to make sure the coded key is an approved Ford coded key. Use washer fluid that meets Ford specifications. Anti-theft System The SecuriLock passive anti-theft system is not compatible with non-Ford aftermarket remote start systems. Ford explorer sport trac automobile owner's manual pages. Ford motor company ford explorer owner's guide pages.

After air bag deployment, it is normal to notice a smoke-like, powdery residue or smell the burnt propellant. Clip the tether strap to the anchor and return the seat back to its locked position. Enter each digit within five seconds of the previous one.

Refer to Compass calibration adjustment. Power Windows Driver Controls Truck bed auxiliary power point An additional auxiliary power point is located in the bed of the truck. Page passenger side front and outboard rear seating positions if equipped section in this chapter. Page Maintenance and Specifications Running out of fuel Running out of fuel may have an adverse affect on powertrain components.

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Lift the battery with the battery carrier or with your hands on opposite corners. Page Arming the system When armed, this system will help protect your vehicle from unauthorized entry. Page Seating and safety restraints The shoulder belt should cross the chest, resting snugly on the center of the shoulder. For added customer comfort, the air distributed through the floor ducts may be slightly warmer than the air sent to the windshield defroster ducts.

Vehicle sensitive mode The vehicle sensitive mode is the normal retractor mode, allowing free shoulder belt length adjustment to your movements and locking in response to vehicle movement. Therefore, the vehicle is free to roll even if the automatic transmission is in P Park or the manual transmission is in gear.

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Department of Transportation requires Ford to give you the following information about tire grades exactly as the government has written it. When starting a vehicle with a manual transmission, make sure the parking brake is set, press the clutch pedal to the floor and put the gearshift in N Neutral. Page Seating and safety restraints Using the manual lumbar support Turn the lumbar support control toward the front of vehicle to move the lumbar support forward for more direct support. If the compass still appears to be inaccurate, a manual calibration may be necessary. The decisions of the Board are binding on Ford and, in some cases, questionnaire on emotional intelligence pdf on the dealer but not on consumers who are free to pursue other remedies available to them under state or federal law.

Foglamp control if equipped The headlamp control also operates the foglamps. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. The use of tire sealants may also affect your tire pressure monitoring system if equipped. The lap belt should rest low and snug across the hips, never up high across the stomach.

Extra precautions, such as slower speeds and increased stopping distance, should be taken when driving a heavily loaded vehicle. If the booster seat slides on the vehicle seat, placing a rubberized mesh sold as shelf or carpet liner under the booster seat may improve this condition. Do not pile cargo higher than the seatbacks to avoid injury in a collision or sudden stop.

You can override fan speed at any time. Check the coolant and coolant level. Turn all other accessories off.

To stop the one-touch open feature press control again. Failure to maintain your vehicle properly may void the warranty, increase your repair cost, reduce vehicle performance and operational capabilities and adversely affect driver and passenger safety. Sounding a panic alarm Press this control to activate the alarm. This will reduce fogging on your windshield.

Do not use fuel lines, engine rocker covers or the intake manifold as grounding points. Page Driving Always set the parking brake fully and make sure the gearshift is latched in P Park. Put the indicator back in and ensure it is fully seated.

Press and hold a memory preset control. It is only intended for off-road applications that require extra power including deep sand, steep grades and pulling a boat and trailer out of the water. Once speed control is switched off, the previously programmed set speed will be erased. Page Once through the water, always try the brakes. Release the steering wheel release control.

Lift the battery with a battery carrier or with your hands on opposite corners. Grasp the bulb only by its plastic base and do not touch the glass. Vehicle Symbol Glossary Introduction These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. If you suspect that the compass is not operating correctly, it can be recalibrated. Consult your Warranty Guide for emission warranty information.

Safety belt Illuminates to remind you to fasten your safety belts. To increase airflow to the outer panel vents, close the central panel vents.

Press the rear defroster control to clear the rear window of thin ice and fog. Maximum allowable total weight of the base vehicle, occupants, optional equipment and cargo. The rear doors can be opened from the outside when the doors are unlocked. This will also assist in transmission cooling. Page Add fluid to fill the reservoir if the level is low.

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Insert a tool or screw driver into the access hole to override the brake-shift interlock. To obtain reimbursement information, U. The playing media will mute momentarily. The system has shut down if the keypad light is out. The handle will stop moving forward and resistance to turning will be felt when properly engaged.