2004 Bmw X5 Owners Manual Pdf

The speed stored in the memory is deleted. Never allow passengers to ride in a towed vehicle for any reasons.

BMW X5 is SAV Owners Manual PDF

Always protect your skin by related components and systems for washing thoroughly with soap and deterioration and malfunction. Avoid sudden accelera- tion and braking maneuvers.

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Press the right side of the button. Battery Activity Vehicle center. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from the Hotline. Online Edition for Part No. This can be adjusted to be key-spe- cific.

2004 BMW X5 4.4i - Owner s Manual (193 pages)

Switch the system on again as required. Airbag warning information is also pro- vided on both sun visors. Tire Inflation Pressure Inflation pressure for other tire vehicle. Secure the wheel by turning at least two lug bolts into opposite bolt holes Online Edition for Part No.

Handbrake Use the handbrake instead, since a slipping clutch increases clutch wear. Always restrain the battery to prevent it from tipping over during transport.

Maintain the battery in an upright position for trans- port and storage. To avoid possible injury or equipment damage when changing bulbs, observe any instructions provided by the bulb manufacturer.

General Driving Notes Please remember to adapt your driving style accordingly. Page Online Edition for Part No.

The clock takes leap years into account and therefore does not have to be reset manually. Computer The range of available displays varies computer is described beginning on according to your individual vehicle's page and in the Owner's Manual for equipment. Self-leveling Suspension When the ride height is selected manually, prospeccion de clientes pdf the driver has the additional option of revis- ing the ride-height selection by entering Online Edition for Part No. Electric Power Windows Careless use of the power respond by stopping the window and next to the windows.

Page Radio-control key, refer to specified engine oil in computer Plastic, refer to the Caring for Central key with remote grades your vehicle brochure control Rain sensor Online Edition for Part No. Power Windows You can close the windows in the same are switched off as long as the system manner by pulling the switch. From Inside You have the option of setting the central locking system to lock automatically as soon as you move off. Steering Wheel Heater Folding in is possible up to a cise. Reporting Safety Defects D.

Switch voice input on and off. If you do not, they could be damaged.

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Comply with the instructions on the containers. Press the left or right side of the button.

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Page Excessive speed, underinflation, or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible a tire failure. Hold the footbrake down until starting off.

To install it, press it down firmly. Integrated Universal Remote Control You may have to repeat this function several times while programming.

Bmw x5 owners manual

Figures as stated here apply to the manufacturer's approved or recommended tires. Fuses Online Edition for Part No. You will find additional storage com- partments in all of the doors as well as on the backrests of the front seats. Otherwise, the bag could slide down- ward. Page The illustration shows securing at the bottom right as an example.

Department of Transportation, Washington, D. Jump-starting Online Edition for Part No.

After all, different driv- Online Edition for Part No. You can deactivate this automatic fea- ture by setting the mirror selector switch to the passenger side position. Cargo Area The center safety belt can be retracted only when the larger backrest is engaged. This avoids excessive strain Online Edition for Part No. Power Seat Adjustment The upper hips and spinal column sonal safety.

Pull the knob with the fuel pump requiring a first-aid kit to be carried in symbol. Grasp the handle of the removal aid behind the spare wheel with both hands and pull upward over the tail- gate, refer to arrow Online Edition for Part No. For additional information, refer to page Online Edition for Part No.

Break-in Procedures You should also comply with these break-in procedures should the engine or one of the differentials be replaced later in the course of the vehicle's ser- vice life. Page Never attempt to tow or tie down the vehicle using suspension components, as this could lead to damage that might ultimately result in an accident. Seats If you do so there is a risk that you will slide under the safety belt in an accident, thus reducing the pro- tection provided by the safety belt.

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Bmw x5 owners manual

Handbrake warning lamp Brake hydraulic system warning lamp for Canadian models. Tailgate To avoid injuries, be sure that the for luggage or recreation gear.

Liftgate For information on the cargo area cover opened in a garage. Switch off the engine immediately and allow it to cool down. Ski Bag To store the ski bag, perform the above steps in reverse sequence. Bring the upper backrest section fur- ther forward until your shoulders are well supported. Tachometer In this range, the fuel supply is inter- sions.

BMW X5 is SAV Owners Manual PDF