2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Service Manual Pdf

2004 dodge ram 2500 service manual pdf

Radial tires may look properly inflated even when they are underinflated. If charge indicator if equipped has a green dot in the center, failure to start is not due to a discharged battery and cranking system should be checked. The keys for your new vehicle are enclosed in a plastic bag with a bar code label affixed to the front. Supplemental Tire Pressure Information Improper alignment will not cause vehicle vibration. This will im- prove performance and reduce the potential for transmis- sion overheating or failure due to excessive shifting.

2004 dodge ram 2500 service manual pdf

Make arrangements with your authorized Dodge Truck Dealer for this inspection. In addition, ansiedad por el estatus pdf commercially available fuel addi- tives are not necessary for the proper operation of your Cummins Diesel equipped Dodge Ram Truck. Dodge ram gas truck owner's manual pages.

Reverse procedure for installation of bulbs and hous- ing. They will help you keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Replace air cleaner filter element if necessary. To minimize the possibility of scratching the lenses and reducing light output, avoid wiping with a dry cloth. Pull bulb straight out from socket.


Vehicles and other objects seen in a right side convex mirror will look smaller and farther away than they really are. It is necessary to follow these steps to be certain that the transfer case is fully in Neutral N before recreational towing to prevent damage to internal parts. Operation of the wipers on dry glass for long periods may cause deterioration of the wiper blades.

If any of the requirements to select a new transfer case position have not been met, the transfer case will not shift. The volume will be displayed and continuously updated while the button is pressed. Set the top switch to the left or right for the left or right mirror, and set it to the center off position to prevent accidentally moving a mirror when you are finished adjusting the mirror.

Also be certain to leave an automatic transmission in Park, a manual transmission in Reverse or first gear. Shift automatic transmission to Neutral N or depress clutch on manual transmission.

The higher displayed tem- perature is due to blocked or reduced airflow to the underhood ambient temperature sensor by the snow- plow. Voltage Gauge When the engine is running, the gauge indicates the electrical system voltage. Recommended torques are shown in the following chart. Consult the manufacturer of the snow tire to determine any maximum vehicle speed requirement associated with the tire. The seat belt latch plate is above the back of the front seat, next to your arm in the rear seat.

If your cellular phone has a different profile i. Replace tires when tread wear indicators first become visible.


Press the top of the button to seek up and the bottom to seek down. Page The manufacturer has empowered its dealers to make warranty and repair decisions that ensure you are not inconvenienced.

Play will begin at the start of track one. Take your warranty folder. Pull bulb straight from the connector. Pull the housing out from the fender to allow room to disconnect the electrical connectors. To change position inboard or out- board, the mirror head should be rotated flipped Out or In.

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 - Owner s Manual (426 pages)

2004 dodge ram 2500 service manual pdf

Inspect drive belts, replace as required. Press and hold the desired HomeLink button. The reasons for any rapid or unusual wear should be corrected prior to rotation being per- formed. The transfer case Neutral N position disengages both the front and rear driveshafts from the powertrain and will allow the vehicle to move regardless of the transmission position. Fully depress the clutch pedal before shifting gears.

Dodge 2004 Ram 2500 Owner s Manual

Do not open the high pressure fuel system with the engine running. Dual Rear Wheels Dual Rear Wheels The tires used on dual wheel assemblies should be matched for wear to prevent overloading one tire in a set. The maximum number of occupants in the truck should not exceed two. While driving or in an accident you may experience, abrupt stopping, rapid acceleration, or sharp turns. Defrost Outside air is primarily directed to the windshield through the defroster outlets located at the base of the windshield and side window demist outlets.

It is for vehicles that are not operated under any of the conditions listed under Sched- ule B. If the disc is stained, clean the surface with a soft cloth, wiping from center to edge.

2004 dodge ram 2500 service manual pdf

Place the jack under the axle between the spring and the shock absorber with the drive tubes extending to the rear. To release the parking brake, pull the parking brake release handle. The system reverts to standard non-anti-lock brakes. When programming a garage door opener, it is advised to park outside the garage. Adjust the balance and push the button back in.

To prevent personal injury or damage to clothing, do not allow battery fluid to contact eyes, skin or fabrics. Tighten the wheel nuts in the numbered sequence to a snug fit. Enter your vehicle and close all doors. Clean the water in fuel sensor.

Never use an abrasive type cleaner. By rotating the wheel wrench clockwise, raise the vehicle until the wheel just clears the surface. Replacement tires must be equal to the load capacity of this tire size. This will minimize overheating and reduce the risk of transmis- sion failure during prolonged efforts to free a stuck vehicle.

Change the seat angle by using the two toggle switches, tilting it up or down. It may cause damage to the seat controls. The cigar lighter is located above and to the left of the ash receiver. To engage the Hazard Warning lights, depress the button on the top of the steering column. Push the button on the front of the armrest to raise the cover.