2004 Honda Odyssey Owners Manual Pdf

Make cer- tain to clear out any water and ice that may be present. When being passed by a large vehicle, keep a constant speed and steer straight ahead. If the automatic transmission shif ts f requently while going up a hill, shif t to D. Extensive idling or long periods of stop-and-go driving, such as a taxi or a commercial delivery vehicle.

2007 Honda Odyssey Owners Manual Pdf

Seat Belt System Components. Make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground, the parking brake is set, and the engine is of f.

Many states and Canadian provinces require special outside mirrors when towing a trailer. While airbags can save lives, they can cause serious or fatal injuries to occupants who sit too close to them, or are not properly restrained. If Ramp deployed, open door fully. Let the engine and exhaust system cool bef ore touching any parts.

For a printed owner's manu. To eliminate potential hazards, read the instructions bef ore you begin, and make sure you have the tools and skills required. Trailer towing, driving with a roof rack, or driving in mountainous conditions.

Potential Vehicle Hazards Carbon Monoxide poison f rom engine exhaust. Read the warranty booklet thoroughly so you understand the coverages and are aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Remember, in Input Test Mode, double beeps indicate the switch is on or activated and single beeps indicate that it is not. Lights Check the operation of the headlights, parking lights, taillights, high-mount brake light, and license plate lights monthly. This section explains why it is important to keep your vehicle well maintained and how to f ollow basic maintenance saf ety precautions.

Brakes Check the f luid level monthly. Be sure there is adequate ventilation whenever you operate the engine.

We recommend the use of Honda parts and f luids whenever you have maintenance done. Honda Odyssey Navigation Manual pages. Your Honda dealer is dedicated to your satisf action and will be pleased to answer any questions and concerns. Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. Maintaining your vehicle according to the schedules given in this manual helps to keep your driving trouble-f ree while it preserves your investment.

Drive slower than normal in all driving situations, and obey posted speed limits f or vehicles with trailers. Allow more time and distance f or braking. To clean parts, use a commercially available degreaser or parts cleaner, not gasoline.

See pagef or inf ormation on proper tire size, and page f or inf ormation on how to store a f ull-size tire. To reduce the possibility of such problems, check your tire pressures and condition f requently, and perform all regularly scheduled maintenance see page.

Honda Odyssey

To help you make inf ormed decisions about saf ety, we have provided operating procedures and other inf ormation on labels and in this manual. Automatic Transmission Fluid. Of course, radiographic testing procedure pdf it is not practical or possible to warn you about all the hazards associated with operating or maintaining your vehicle. If you use the compact spare tire that came with the veh.

Advice f or Pregnant Women. It shows you how to use seat belts properly. This inf ormation is intended to help you avoid damage to your Honda, other property, or the environment. Several warranties protect your new Honda. Do not run the engine unless instructed to do so.

Only you can decide whether or not you should perf orm a given task. Warranty and Customer Relations U.

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Tires Check the tire pressure monthly. Having a tire blowout or a mechanical f ailure can be extremely hazardous. Excessive speed is a major f actor in crash injuries and deaths.

Engine coolant level Check the radiator reserve tank every time you f ill the f uel tank. Never drive f aster than is saf e f or current conditions, regardless of the maximum speed posted. You must use your own good judgement. Always drive slowly and have someone guide you when backing up.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual Pdf