2004 Mazda 6 Service Manual Pdf

Mazda 6 2004 Owner s Manual

Lack of refrigerant may make the air conditioner less Operate the climate control system with efficient. Owner Maintenance Precautions Improper owner maintenance during the warranty period may affect warranty coverage. Park on a level surface off the right-of- way and firmly set the parking brake.

Mazda 6 Manual

Use miles may add to the performance, these suggestions to help save money on economy, and life of your Mazda. Mazda tribute automobile owner's manual pages. Should you resell the vehicle, leave this manual with it for the next owner. Mazda b truck automobile owner's manual pages.

Seat Belt Systems Seat belts help to decrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and sudden stops. Locking Lug Nuts Mazda is firmly in position and that it key to unlock them.

2004 mazda 6 service manual pdf

Use only the jack position closest to the tire being provided with your Mazda. For details, minna no nihongo ii pdf read the separate Mazda Warranty statement provided with the vehicle.

Keys primary and secondary. Pry off the wheel cover with the Make sure the jack is well lubricated beveled end of the lug wrench. To adjust the front height of the seat- bottom, raise or lower the front of the Lower the seat by pressing down on the slide lifter switch on the left side of the center of the switch. Should the unit not operate normally, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Slide the seat as far back as possible.

Always make safe driving your first priority. Set the temperature control dial to the the air intake selector to the desired position. This may cause internal damage to the transaxle. Drain plug Changing oil filter Because you need a special tool to retighten the filter, an Authorized Mazda Dealer should do the work.

Front Seat Belt Pretensioner And Load Limiting Systems If the seat belt pretensioners are not replaced, the risk of injury in a collision will increase. Set the air intake selector to the position. Special care is needed to protect this coating. Accelerate to the desired speed, which and hold it. Improper positioning of the shoulder portion of the seat belt is dangerous.

Insert the primary key and turn it clockwise to lock, counterclockwise to unlock. The vehicle could move The automatic transaxle fluid level should suddenly and cause an accident.

2004 mazda 6 service manual pdf

Press the switch to turn the seat warmer Driving with the head restraints on or off. They may damage it or cause electrical failure. Climate Control System System the weather gets hot. These bulbs contain pressurized gas. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.

The seat belt will not provide adequate protection and the user could be seriously injured in an accident. Press the scan button once again to cancel scan play. Properly dispose of the used coolant. If you are unable to make contact with Johnson Controls, Inc. The grade of tires available as standard or optional equipment on Mazda vehicle may vary with respect to grade.

Never attempt to repair it or insert a screwdriver or anything else. You should not be able to pull the shoulder belt out of the retractor while the system is in the automatic locking mode.

The volume increases in accordance with the increase in vehicle speed, and decreases as vehicle speed decreases. It is important to protect the side and curtain air bag wiring and connections to assure that the bags do not accidentally deploy and that the seats retain an undamaged air bag connection. Place the jack under the jacking injure someone. Fastening the rear-center seat belt The lap portion of the seat belt worn with only one buckle is dangerous.

PDF FIle Mazda 6 Repair Manual

Running the engine inside an enclosed area, such as a garage, is dangerous. The side air bag will deploy only on the side the vehicle receives the force of the impact.

2004 mazda 6 service manual pdf


It could result in extensive engine The warning light stays on for a few damage. There might not be an Authorized Mazda Dealer in the country you plan to take your vehicle. Page Driving Your Mazda Explanation of instruments and controls.

Lift the seatbacks upright. Inspect and repair, clean, adjust, or replace if necessary.