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Caused a huge tsunami as well Academike. Micro-scale mapping might provide more information.

Direct involvement occurred by almost every nation around the world. Some aftershocks occurred in the six months after the main earth- quake, which led to the collapse of many unstable buildings. These field observations have been used to reconstruct runup heights for the tsu- namis. This system can be also extended to other types of disasters by developing new suitable sets of processing algorithms. Such is the case with case study on tsunami disaster nations tsunami warning and preparedness efforts, where the.

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Submarine landslides, sometimes triggered by earthquakes, and coastal or submarine volcanoes also cause tsunamis. Remote sensing in support of tsunami mitigation planning in the Mediterranean.

Case study of tsunami 2004

If a repeat tsunami occurs, it would be catastrophic from an economic perspective, but with relatively low numbers of fatalities because the coastal areas are sparsely populated. Recovery was a relatively slow process. Depending on the nature of a catastrophe and the availability of satellite data, one or some kinds of satellite images are acquired and analyzed. This estimate is likely to continue to rise, particularly because of the nuclear implications of this event. These include the discussed later in this chapter and Aleutian events, and the Alaskan event discussed below.

Kieran HickeyCase study of tsunami

Case study of tsunami

In the case of natural hazards, vulnerability is The Indian Case study on tsunami disaster Tsunami. Preceding these events, only a few black and white photographs of tsunamis existed. This is due to the past experiences that tsunami does not go up farther than this distance once it reaches the land. Case Study Hilo, gate cse material pdf Hawaii was hit by a tsunami in and created widespread damage.

Debris Removal, Recycling Daunting. One of these landslides generated a lake tsunami that killed two people in Argentina km east of Valdivia. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Vol. The overall scope of the disaster and the large number of deceased was overwhelming.

Case Study Indian Ocean Tsunami

Preliminary notes on a recent earthquake in New Guinea. Unfortunately, many still died unnecessarily due to lack of medical supplies, clean water, and the essentials required to live. Almost all the coastal towns and villages of the Algarve on the south coast of Portugal were heavily damaged, except Faro, which was protected by sandy banks. The initial purpose of the relief teams was to rescue in- dividuals trapped in buildings and to help treat the injured. Communications Sylvain Dionne.

In Chile, the majority of the fatalities were associated with earth- quake damage. The extent of affected areas depends on the topography of the coastal zone as well as the three-dimensional configuration of the seabed.

The case study chose the tsunami affected-areas in Thailand, which were devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami. The height and violence of the wave along the Hawaiian coastline varied greatly. The ship met the wave head on and the Loudon was lifted up with dizzying rapidity and made a formidable leap.

For quick mapping, the trade-off between these factors should be concerned. This paper presents the performance of a dual-scale mapping system on tsunami- affected areas in Thailand. Smithsonian Institution Press, pp.

Case Study Indian Ocean Tsunami

The main earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks that were recorded in the Andaman Islands archipelago in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar. Large expanses of the coastal zone were cleared of every building, all vegetation, and soil. Earthquakes and social sciences, s. The Largest Earthquake in the World. Geologic evidence also exists that meteor strikes have generated large tsunamis, but this is beyond the scope of this chapter.

Object-based image analysis to support numerical tsunami modeling. Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan.

Many of the deaths were directly attributable to buildings collapsing and the fire that subsequently burned for three days in the city. Extracted vegetation from a pre-event, b post-event images and c location of washed-away vegetation in white Subsequently, soil objects were concerned. In both macro-scale and micro-scale processing, several algorithms were developed based on area morphology. Four Events That Changed the World.

Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004

The dual-scale mapping carries out such complicated micro-scale algorithms in a smaller extent. This event occurred during the Ice Age, which makes it difficult to find evidence of a tsunami Dawson et al. Dual-scale mapping targets at reduction of cost and processing time for quick response after a catastrophe or to provide a cost-effective solution, in other words. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

The tsunami spread over the entire Pacific Ocean. Sumatra Quake Longest Ever Recorded. However, it is essential that governments continue to train people to respond to warning systems and prepare the coastal inhabitants for tsunami disasters.

The wave destroyed the Scotch Cap Lighthouse and killed five lighthouse keepers. At the time, this warning system had recently been updated following the Chilean earthquake and tsunami events. Object-based image analysis for mapping tsunami-affected areas. Keep up to die for tsunami. Photogrametric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Vol.

One dam collapsed, causing some fatalities, and others were damaged. As numerous data sources are available nowadays when a catastrophe occurs, the most important concern is finding an efficient solution to quickly grasp the necessary information, i. It is unknown how long this sediment took to accumulate and whether it was over one or multiple glacial cycles.