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Volkswagen Passat

Install special tool so that the collar arrow of the tool is seated against the brake carrier. Securing of pressure line varies according to type of transmission Fig.

If necessary pull both sections firmly apart onto stop or press together. Ensure that the jaws of the pliers seat in the -arrow -B- of the clamp. This powers the fresh air blower, which cools down the vehicle interior to approx. This rubber mounting may only be installed in the control arm inner mounting.

Brief Description Of Vehicle The Passat is based on the highly successful and particularly the bonnet, the wings and the predecessor model. Safety Safety Occupant protection The front airbags Full-size airbags are fitted in the Passat on the driver's and front passenger's sides. New, intermediate financial management 11th pdf larger brakes will therefore be used in the new Passat depending on engine type. Automobile Volkswagen Eos Owner's Manual pages. Automobile Volkswagen Golf Workshop Manual pages.


Care is to be exercised to ensure the seal is not damaged when lifting the dust boot only use a blunt instrument, e. New brake calipers are filled with brake fluid and are pre-bled. Do not tilt tap when positioning. Before using special tool it is important to grease spindle with Molybdenum grease.

The cover is no longer required. Make sure that the centering ring wiring connection is located in the recess in the trim panel. Only use puller with leg clamp e. The rear axle and wheel bearings are identical on Base and Plus suspension versions. The headlights have clear lenses and the indicator lights are built into the headlights.

For anti-theft coded radios, first make sure that the radio code is available. Adjust with engine switched off Adjusting steering box - Raise vehicle on hoist. Both halves are joined to one another by spring pins arrow. Before pressing in, coat with lubricant, e. From cuff position to chamfer up to a groove visible.

Hold piston in front of caliper housing. The software used in the engine control unit was adapted to the lower engine power.

Polished areas and ball track marks are not a reason for changing the joint. When repairing install all parts supplied in repair kit.

In other words, the body panels have been thickened and the spot welds have been supplemented with laser-welded seams. The mobile phone is connected to an interface box fitted below the armrest. Grease all mountings before installing with G grease.

The Brakes Running Gear The brakes The front and rear disc brakes are configured for excellent deceleration under braking. For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, safety and proper tools are required.

To grease the rack only use steering gear grease, Part No. Re-install in their original position to prevent uneven braking!


Make sure that the sealing ring in the housing is not damaged by the teeth of the pinion. Use a bleeder bottle or a plastic bottle which is only used for brake fluid. Cut-off valve on gauge open. They mainly differ with regard to the dials.

On Diesel engines an exhauster is installed to create the required vacuum. Steering gears that are damaged by an accident must be replaced For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, safety and proper tools are required.

Pumps supplied as spare parts are not filled with hydraulic oil. All models come with radio wave folding keys. The central airbag control unit is located behind the central console, above the tunnel. Position brake caliper as illustrated to pre-bleed. The tone generator is under the rear window shelf in the saloon and built into the control unit in the Variant.


Brake fluid is poisonous and must not be siphoned by mouth through a hose. In comparison with the predecessor in the outer seat positions, front and rear. Place a piece of wood in the recess to prevent damaging the piston. The lateral acceleration sensors are programmed with a vehicle-specific parameter when they are replaced.

Complete master cylinders and brake servos can be replaced independently of each other. The Brake Pedal Position Sensor is only supplied as a repair kit.

First install lower circlip. These must be installed pointing forward, otherwise damage will occur to the suspension strut piston rod. Illustration shows the housing in cross section for better view. In such cases the joint must be replaced.

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The side of the star with a chamfer arrow goes onto the axle shaft splines first. Hold piston in front of brake caliper housing. The fitting locations of the fuse holders, relay carriers, auxiliary relay Airbag control unit carriers and connector stations have been adopted without change.

Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual 2004Volkswagen Passat Workshop & Owners Manual

The protective seal outer sealing lip will then locate in the piston groove. Apply thin coat of brake cylinder paste to brake cylinder pistons and seal. Two Mechanics are required when adjusting. Splines must be free of oil and grease. The boot must not be installed twisted.