2005 Cadillac Sts Repair Manual Pdf

Open the fuel cap slowly and wait for any hiss noise to stop. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out of the retractor to set the lock.

If the vehicle slips off the jack you could be badly injured or killed. It should be worn over the shoulder at all times.

In an impact of sufficient severity, the airbag sensing system detects that the vehicle is in a crash. See your Warranty and Owner Assistance booklet or your dealer for details. When going up steep hills, you may have to step on the accelerator pedal to maintain your speed. After rinsing thoroughly, dry with a soft clean towel. Please do not drink and drive or ride with a driver who has been drinking.

The mode to which the vehicle was programmed may have been changed since it left the factory. Outlet Adjustment The recirculation mode is cancelled when you enter defog mode. Check that the jumper cables do not have loose or missing insulation. The vehicle can slip off the jack and roll over or fall on you or other people. Then, place the guide over the belt, and insert the two edges of the belt into the slots of the guide.

Compass Variance Mirror Operation The automatic dimming feature comes on each time the vehicle is started. The maximum air pressure is molded onto the sidewall. The closer you move the band toward mist, the longer the delay. You can store them in the four different categories listed.

Cadillac 2005 STS Owner s Manual

Do not use fuel containing methanol. Pull out the push pins holding down the top portion of the cloth cover. See Engine Oil on page for more information. Press the left side of the valet lockout switch to turn the lockout feature off.

Cadillac STS Repair Manuals

Cadillac 2005 STS Manual

Never turn the cap when the cooling system, including the coolant surge tank pressure cap, is hot. If you slam the door on it, you can damage both the belt and your vehicle. If this feature is activated, you can the exterior lamps when the keyless access transmitter choose the delay time that your exterior vehicle lights is used to unlock the vehicle. This average is calculated based on the various vehicle speeds recorded since the last reset of this display.

Disconnect the black negative cable from the vehicle with the good battery. Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses the shoulder.

This may cause wind noise and affect windshield washer performance. Wait to accelerate until you are out of the curve, and then accelerate gently into the straightaway. If you do not shift down, you might have to use your brakes so much that they would get hot and no longer work well. Reading Lamps Reading Lamps The reading lamps are located on the overhead console.



Press the lock and unlock buttons, at the same time, on the Keyless Access transmitter. Your brakes will wear out much faster if you do a lot of heavy braking. Then, let the leather dry naturally. Do not leave your vehicle when the engine is running unless you have to.

Turn off your engine when you are refueling. Some audio controls can be adjusted at the steering wheel. Turning the tune knob will fast track reverse or advance through the tracks in all folders or playlists. Touch this screen button to display the list of climate control commands.

But you can unbuckle a safety belt, even if you are upside down. Each time you press the button, the feature will go down one temperature setting. This message will display when a problem with the charging system has been detected. When the mode is turned on, a check mark will appear next to the feature name. Enter the phone number using the numeric keypad.

Do not use any of these products unless this manual says you can. The information in this manual supplements the owner manual. Touch this screen button to display the list of phone commands.

Put the wheel nuts back on with the rounded end of the nuts toward the wheel. Changing a tire can be dangerous.

Cadillac cts automobile owner's manual pages. However, if you are unable to wait Cadillac helps minimize your inconvenience by providing several transportation options. Have it inspected and repaired. Illustrative diagrams guide users how to open parts, noam chomsky on anarchism pdf procedure to repair and how to fix them appropriately.

See Engine Compartment Overview on page for more information on location, and removal procedure for the front compartment underhood sights shields. Check local regulations for any requirements on remote starting of vehicles. Select this button to turn information Touch the Audio screen button to access a screen on. This mode allows you to use things like the radio and the windshield wipers while the engine is off.

Cadillac STS repair manualCadillac 2005 STS Manual

Replace the battery in the transmitter. If you turn the knob completely clockwise, the interior lamps will turn on. In order to get an accurate reading, the oil must be warm and the vehicle must be on level ground. Expect to move slightly slower at night.