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Your selection of a Honda Civic Hybrid was a wise As you read this manual, you will investment. Honda Civic Owner's Manual pages. Automobile Honda Odyssey Owner's Manual odyssey pages. This One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to information is intended to help you read this manual. Be sure to follow all instructions and warnings in this manual.

Indicators, gauges, dashboard, and steering column. Flip the tab on the bottom edge of the mirror to select the day or night position. If the vehicle is facing downhill, turn the front wheels toward the curb, and put the transmission in reverse gear. Pick a preset button, and hold it until you hear a beep. Make sure all hands and fingers are clear of the moonroof before opening or closing it.

The airbags are stored in the outer edges of the seat-backs. When activated, the tensioners immediately tighten the belts to help hold the driver and a front passenger in place. The heater uses engine coolant to warm the air.

If a tape is exposed to extreme heat or cold, let it reach a moderate temperature before inserting it into the player. Dolby noise reduction is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Pull each belt out fully and look for frays, cuts, burns, and wear. Close the window by pulling back on the switch and holding it. You need both hands to adjust the restraint. Stop the engine, and keep heat, sparks, and flames away.

If the vehicle is facing uphill, turn the front wheels away from the curb, and put the transmission in first gear. Accessories And Modifications Be sure electronic accessories do crash in which you can be hurt Accessories or killed.

If it is open, a passenger could injure their knees during a crash or sudden stop. Do not drop the keys or set heavy objects on them.

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It should be used for cruising on straight, open highways. All passengers must sit in locked, upright seats and be properly restrained by seat belts. If the seat belt touches or crosses your neck, or if it crosses your arm instead of your shoulder, you need to adjust the seat belt anchor height. The farther a seat-back is reclined, the greater the risk of injury.

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Your dealer has Honda accessories that allow you to personalize your vehicle. Modifying your vehicle, or installing some non-Honda accessories, undang undang kesehatan pdf can make it unsafe. Honda Civic Sedan Owner's Manual pages.

You should have received a key number tag with your keys. To activate the lockable retractor, slowly pull the shoulder part of the belt all the way out until it stops, then let the belt feed back into the retractor. See page maintenance done. The vehicle will return to the set cruising speed.

This indicator is located in the fuel gauge. Air flows from the floor vents. Make sure the accessory does not obscure any lights, or interfere with proper vehicle operation or performance.

Always sit as far back from the front airbags as possible. If you do not like the stations Auto Select has stored, you can store other frequencies on the preset buttons as previously described.

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Push the defogger button to turn it on and off. Lift the anchor point lid, then attach the tether strap hook to the anchor, making sure the strap is not twisted. In normal driving, the retractor lets you move freely in your seat while it keeps some tension on the belt. Check that the hood is fully closed.

The cargo area light comes on when you open the hatch. Make sure you can see the instrument panel gauges and the indicators. Always maintain your vehicle according to the maintenance schedule. If the belt is locked, you will not be able to pull it out. Make sure your passenger is away from the window before closing it.

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Although both airbags normally inflate within split second of each other, it is possible for only one airbag to deploy. Check the seat adjustment see page.

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