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Do not use Dual Disc because it may cause damage to the player or changer. Cassette Tape Holder To use the holder, raise the console box lid by pulling up the lock release lever. Close the cover and return the cup holder to the original position. Also, this can increase maintenance costs. If the light comes on, replace it as soon as possible.

Store them in their plastic cases away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Theft Deterrent System If the system does not work properly, vehicle. Also, be sure all light checked by your accessories are turned off. Raise the auxiliary box lid while push- release lever. Ignition Switch And Step Lights The step tion light also comes on when the any of Changing the timing for the light turn- the doors are opened.

Serious mechanical damage and loss of vehicle control may result. The player starts playing the disc from the selected bonus group number. For details about the side wall of the tire and the Certification Label. Adjusts the sound balance between the right and left speakers. Also, the emission control system operates properly only when the engine is run- ning.

Too full the vehicle components. You can enjoy the rear seat audio system with commercial headphone. Then firmly tap the outer edge of the wheel cap with the side or heel of your hand to snap it into place.

The window moves as long as you hold the switch. Can't find what you're looking for? The system will be automatically restored after a short time and the slip indicator light goes off. Always wear your seat belt properly. Do not use plain water alone.

The indicator light will remain on when all doors hood closed locked. Page Toyota dealer for precau- accident. Take vehicle to Toyota dealer immediately. The light goes off when all the ate either outside switch. Utmost care should be taken when work- ing on your vehicle to prevent accidental injury.

For installation details, refer to the instruc- tion manual equipped with each product. Outside Rear View Mirror Heaters To squirt washer fluid, pull the lever ter the mirror heaters have operated about toward you and release it. By reducing your speed, you will cut down on fuel con- sumption. Hybrid Warranty Our hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability. If the light is out, dim or goes out cranking.

You can now take your foot off the accelerator pedal. Tailgate After closing the tailgate, try pulling and pushing it to make sure it is securely closed. In the event the front passenger does not wear a seat belt. All trip meter data is cancelled if the elec- trical power source is disconnected.

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Page Take vehicle to Toyota dealer. If parking brake is off, stop immediately and contact Toyota dealer. Dinghy Towing If you are not sure about dinghy towed with four wheels on the which oil to use, quality of leadership pdf call your Toyota deal- ground behind a motorhome. Important Information About This Manual You are informed about what you must or must not do in order to avoid or reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and its equipment. Manual Transmission Do consumption.

But it doesn't stop there. Lightly push down the switch.

Your vehicle has components that may contain perchlorate. The amount of lumbar support will change while the switch is pushed. Push the switch again to fully when you leave your vehicle. Do not apply pressure to the front pas- senger seat by resting hands or legs on the seatback.

Page Then get immediate medical attention. This setting clears the Lower vent front view more quickly. If the transmitter is clattering during driv- ing, fill in a piece of felt or pad to prevent the transmitter from clattering.

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Do not drive your vehicle with only a single brake system. Do not insert anything other than com- pact discs into the slot. Tilt Steering Wheel Any object lock release lever. After the setting is done, the player plays from the beginning of the chapter or the track. The indicator light comes on when the system is off.

2006 Toyota Tundra - Owner s Manual (514 pages)

Adjust tire inflation pressure including spare tire. Be careful not to drop engine oil on Add oil O.

Automobile Toyota Matrix Owner's Manual pages. Stop the slip- ping or spinning before shifting.

This gas is normally fenders, front end structure or con- harmless. Audio Remote Controls Some parts of the audio system can be adjusted using the switches on the steer- ing wheel. However, as the brakes operate nor- mally when applied, it is no problem to continue your driving. Material Distribution Center.

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Replacing Wheels When installing chains on your tires, care- fully follow the instructions of the chain manufacturer. Otherwise, your hands or fingers may be caught and injured. Be sure to adjust the display only when the vehicle is stopped.

2006 Toyota Tundra Owners Manual Pdf2006 Toyota Tundra Owners Manual PDF

Rear Side Windows After closing the window, make sure it is After closing the window, make sure it is completely closed. If you have any questions about the cleaning of your Toyota, your local Toyota dealer will be pleased to answer them. Pushing lightly on the opposite side will Split bench seat turn it off. Pinch each hinge and pull it out of its pivot one at a time as shown above.

If the floor slips and interferes with movement of the pedals during driv- ing, it may cause an accident. We recommend writing down the key num- ber and storing it in a safe place. The light comes on while you are driv- ing. For a complete information on tires e.

Allow the player to cool down. To stop scanning, push this button again.