2007 Gmc Sierra Owners Manual Pdf

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The shoulder belt may lock if you pull the belt across you very quickly. Page All engine speed values listed above are factory preset values.

See the instructions on the reservoir cap. City Driving City Driving One of the biggest problems with city streets is the amount of traffic on them.

This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. Do not park over papers, leaves, dry grass, or other things that can burn. Be sure to keep the dipstick pointed down to get an accurate reading.

The radio will go to a station, play for a few seconds, then go on to the next station. This lets you check your electrical connection at the same time.

In a crash, the belt would go up over your abdomen. You can be seriously hurt if your lap belt is too loose. Page Heavy-DutyTrailer Wiring Harness Package For vehicles equipped with heavy duty trailering, the harness is connected to the trailer mounted to the hitch platform.

Gmc sierra Owners Manual

Page Are there some things I should not do when driving down a hill? You may want to consider not using seat covers or other aftermarket equipment if your vehicle has the passenger sensing system. It is located inside the vehicle to the lower left of the steering wheel. The lap-shoulder belt may lock if you pull the belt across you very quickly.

GMC 2007 Sierra 1500 Pickup Owner s Manual

The temperature can be adjusted even if the system is turned off. You must fully close a rear access door before you can close the front door.

It also tells you some things you should not do with safety belts. In a crash, your body would move too far forward, which would increase the chance of head and neck injury. The latch will catch when the window is fully open and it will also hold it in the open position.

GMC Sierra Owners Manuals

Page And, if your tires do not have much tread left, you will get even less traction. You or someone else could be seriously injured. If the average fuel economy is not reset, it will be continually updated each time you drive. When a door is locked, the handle will not open it.

In most cases, you should not have to add anything to your fuel. Press this button to adjust the color, tint, brightness, contrast, display mode, and dynamic range compression. The repairs would not be covered by your warranty.

The display will show the bass or treble level. Press and hold the hour button until the correct hour appears on the display. This can be done at any speed, except when shifting from Four-Wheel Drive Low. The door does not need to be open.

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If it is hot outside, the air inlet may automatically switch to recirculate inside air to help quickly cool down your vehicle. Be sure to use only the correct trailer brake harness, the one intended for use on your vehicle. Take care that it is not so far forward that it will contact the back of the cab in sharp turns.

Towing If your vehicle has gone over the weight ratings, move or take out some things until all the weight falls below the ratings. The lap belt is too loose. See Passenger Sensing System on page or Airbag Off Switch on page for more on this, including important safety information. Because you will be on an unpaved surface, it is especially important to avoid sudden acceleration, sudden turns, or sudden braking. This position reduces the chance of a neck injury in a crash.

Leave the vehicle and go get some help. Check your inside mirror or glance over your shoulder before changing lanes. The belt would be much too high. Idling the engine with the climate control system off could allow dangerous exhaust into your vehicle. Pull the handle with this symbol on it.

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Oil pressure may vary with engine speed, outside temperature and oil viscosity, but readings above the low pressure zone indicate the normal operating range. You can be badly burned and your vehicle damaged if this occurs. The power door locks will operate at any time even when the ignition is off.

The fog lamp button is located on the left side of the instrument panel. Outside West Coast-type Mirrors Outside West Coast-Type Mirrors If your vehicle is equipped with these mirrors, they can be adjusted so you can have a clear view of objects behind you. If your vehicle has a rear seat, there is no top tether anchor at the right front seating position. Your dealer can help you with this. Press this button again to return to the previous track or chapter.


Gmc sierra Owners Manual

The radio may switch to stations with a stronger frequency. Then, attach the top tether to the metal anchor point at the center rear seating position. If the cassette tape is not playing correctly, for any other reason, try a known good cassette.

If you get too close to the vehicle in front of you, you will not have time to apply your brakes if that vehicle suddenly slows or stops. See New Vehicle Break-In on page for more information.

Power Windows Power Windows If your vehicle has power windows, the controls are located on each of the side doors in the front and rear for crew cab models. If the level of the shoulder is only slightly below the pavement, recovery should be fairly easy. Continue to press the door lock switch until the number of chimes that you hear matches the number of the mode that you want.

Page Manual Operation You may manually adjust the air delivery mode or fan speed. Pictures and words work together in the owner manual to explain things. To unlock or lock the door from the inside, play school syllabus pdf slide the manual lever forward or rearward. You can be seriously injured if your belt goes over an armrest like this.