2007 Gsxr 750 Service Manual Pdf

Use nonflammable cleaning solvent to wipe off oily or greasy matter and make these surfaces completely dry. When installing the cylinder head, keep the cam chain taut.

Check that all chassis bolts and nuts are tightened to their specified torque. For this purpose, use of such an inspection form such as below will facilitate collecting information required for proper analysis and diagnosis. Place a rag underneath the union bolt on the brake caliper to catch any split brake fluid. Leakage of brake fluid from hydraulic system Repair or replace. If any defects are found, replace the shock absorber with a new one.

If any, replace them with a specified set of bearings. When using the special tool, apply a small quantity of grease to the threaded parts of the special tool. Make sure that the motorcycle is supported securely. Set the water pump shaft end A to the oil pump shaft B as shown. Test the thermostat at the bench for control action, in the follow- ing manner.

The text of this manual is divided into sections. Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily.

Suzuki gsxr Manuals

This mea- surement should be taken at the widest part of the com- pressed plastigauge. The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the results of a compression test. Keep heat, spark and flame away. Connect the special tool Mode select switch to the dealer mode coupler at the wiring harness. Make sure that the brake disc is clean and free of any greasy matter.

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Thrust washer F is located between the pressure plate and bearing E. Teeth A on the sprocket must face the clutch side. Align the gearshift cam pin B with the gearshift cam stopper plate hole C. Never reuse brake fluid left over from the last servicing or stored for long periods.

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If the speed sensor and connection are functioning properly, replace the meter with a new one. Loss of tappet clearance Adjust. Defective oil pump or clogged oil circuit Replace or clean. Faulty cooling fan Repair or replace. Also replace the seal ring if necessary.

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Apply engine oil to each running and sliding part before reas- sembling. Distorted steering stem Replace. Worn piston rings or cylinders Replace. Improper use can cause damage to the motorcycle and tester.

Be careful not to damage the frame and engine when installing the engine. Connect the probe as shown to avoid opening of female ter- minal.

Suzuki GSX Owners Manuals Motorcycle Owners Manuals

Gsxr manual

Worn and burnt camshaft journal Replace. When installing the bearing, printable number line 1-20 pdf stamped mark on the bearing must face outside.

Right thrust bearing has green painting. Overtightened steering stem nut Adjust. Visually check the drive chain for the possible defects listed below. Refer to page listed in each section for removal and reinstallation instructions. It is at softest position and turn it out to standard setting position.

Gsxr manual

Loss of balance between right and left front forks Adjust. If any damages are found, replace the swingarm with a new one. Before draining engine oil and engine coolant, inspect engine oil and coolant leakage between the water pump and crankcase. The rpm pointer is driven by the stepping motor.

Broken bearing in steering stem Replace. If the interlock system does not operate properly, check each component for damage or abnormalities. This combination meter is light, thin and of high response compared to those currently in use because of this composition. Page Prepared by December, Part No. Use the special tool, to prevent the rubber of the water proof coupler from damage.

The color on each lead wire refers to the appropriate fuel injector. The jiggle valve A of thermostat faces upside. Heavy carbon deposit on piston crowns Clean.

Too wide spark plug gaps Adjust or replace. If any damage is found, replace the caliper with a new one. Organize the parts in their respective groups so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions.

Valve clearance out of adjustment Adjust. Save the data in the computer or by printing and filing the hard copies. These affected devices are indicated in the code form.