2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual Pdf

If the level is low, inspect for coolant leaks and recheck the fluid level frequently. To return the seatback to its normal position, reverse the above procedure. To put the wheel on the hub, pick up the spare tire, line up the holes with the studs and slide the wheel onto them. Check inflation pressure as soon as practical after installing the spare tire, and adjust to the specified pres- sure. If the remote controller still does not work, contact your Hyundai Dealer.

Hyundai Santa Fe - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

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Multi-function Light Switch Check for a burned-out fuse or bulb or see your Hyundai dealer. Tire Balancing Tire Balancing A tire that is out of balance may affect handling and tire wear. The second position turns on the headlights. Insert the hexagonal head wrench pro- vided with the vehicle into the socket. To turn the hazard warning lights off, push the switch a second time.

Page If the filler cap must be replaced, only use genuine Hyundai replacement parts. The nuts should be installed with their small di- ameter ends directed inward. If your vehicle will not start, contact a Hyundai dealer or seek other qualified assis- tance. Place the shift lever in N neutral posi- tion and confirm the engine is running at normal idle speed. If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly between ro- tations, have the car checked by a Hyundai dealer so the cause may be corrected.

Hyundai Santa Fe - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

You can press the button several times to select the track you want. In the case of a lift and a pull by grip the edge of seatback, it may cause damage to the seatback board. Never drive too fast for the road condi- tions or too quickly when cornering. Page Allow the tire to cool before measuring the inflation pressure.


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Your Hyundai dealer will help answer any questions you may have as you read this information. Never use a piece of wire or a higher-rated fusible link. Rotate the knob to adjust the speaker volume.

Such modifications may adversely affect the performance, safety or durability of your Hyundai and may, in addition, violate conditions of the limited warranties covering the vehicle. Never engage the parking brake while performing these tests. Page Remember that your Hyundai dealer is your best source of assistance. Improper handling of the air bag system may result in serious personal injury.

This means the combined weight of optional accesso- ries. To de- crease it, push the lever toward the rear. Select a lower gear when going uphill. The tires on your Hyundai were balanced before the car was delivered but may need balancing again during the years you own the car. If you need to use the shift lock release, it could mean your car is developing a prob- lem.

Power Steering Fluid Level If you desire additional information about maintaining and servicing your Hyundai, you may purchase a factory Shop Manual at your Hyundai dealer's parts department. If you suspect cooling system trouble, have your cooling system checked by a Hyundai dealer as soon as possible. If over- heating happens again, call a Hyundai dealer for assistance. Because future owners will also need the information included in this manual, if you sell this Hyundai, pdf in word umwandeln free please leave the manual in the vehicle for their use.

The buttons on your audio system may differ. The jack should be positioned as shown in the drawing. The first position turns on the parking lights, sidelights, tail lights and instrument panel lights.

Download Hyundai Santa Fe - Owner s Manual PDF ( Pages)

Wait seconds between starting at- tempts to protect the starter from over- heating. Page The steering wheel audio remote control switch is installed to promote safe driving. Overloading may cause damage to the seatback. However, this is only part of the job. Inspect the power steering belt for evi- dence of cuts, cracks, excessive wear, oiliness and proper tension.

When you inspect the fuse box on your vehicle, refer to the fuse box label. Disconnect the wire harness. Do not place objects on the cargo secu- rity screen.

To raise the headrest, pull it up. The level of charge in your battery can be checked by your Hyundai dealer or a ser- vice station. If you feel a pain or a burning sensation, get medical atten- tion immediately. Page Maintaining Bumpers Special precautions must be observed to preserve the appearance of the bumpers on your Hyundai. Spare Tire And Tools Refer to this page for further infor- mation and tread limits.

During manual tuning, the audio sys- tem plays the current channel audio until a selection is made. Clean vinyl surfaces with a vinyl cleaner. To use the center console box, pull up the button and lift the lid to open it.

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In some unavoidable circumstances, install them on only the front wheels, not the rear wheels. Such objects may be thrown about inside the vehicle and possibly injure vehicle occupants during an ac- cident or when braking. Page On a slippery surface, an abrupt change in vehicle speed can cause the drive wheels to lose traction and the vehicle to go out of control.

Turn the wheel nut wrench counter- clockwise until the spare tire reaches the ground. When return the seatback to upright position, you always lift and pull it by folding lever. Try to start the engine again. If you suspect brake trouble, have your brakes checked by a Hyundai dealer as soon as possible.

By rapidly moving the selector for- ward or backward twice, it is possible to skip one gear, i. Exhaust gases passing through the catalytic converter cause it to operate at a very high temperature. New keys are available from any Hyundai dealer by quoting the relevant key number. To lock the seatback into position, release the recliner control lever. If it is not, have the fuse clip repaired or replaced by a Hyundai dealer.