2009 Mini Cooper Clubman Owners Manual Pdf

Mini 2009 Clubman Owner s Manual

MINI Cooper Clubman Manual

It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide John Cooper the next owner with important operating, bertolt brecht mutter courage und ihre kinder pdf safety and mainte- Works nance information. Manual transmission Gearshift lever in neutral position. The vehicle accelerates without pressure on the accelerator pedal.

The leather processed by the manufac- Wipe dry with a soft cloth. The central locking system automatically locks the vehicle as soon as you drive off. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance. The function is deactivated.

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See the table for information on causes and how to react. Have the system checked with- acceleration out delay.

Center Armrest Apple iPod. All Maximum cooling indicators go out. Every time you press the but- ton, the speed increases by approx. Other- doors, for example.

To do so, turn the cover counterclockwise. Page Have the headlamp beam throw system failed adjustment system checked. Also note the vehicle remains stationary. The system then recirculates the air currently within the vehicle. Page In the vehicle interior On the right side of the footwell.

The headlamps may also come on when the sun is sitting low on a blue sky. Parking Brake Parking brake Reverse gear Select this only when the vehicle is stationary. Wiper System Wiper system Press and hold the button until the display changes.

The Check Control monitors vehicle functions and alerts you to any malfunctions in the sys- tems monitored. The color changes in stages, ultimately to orange.

To prevent accidentally locking yourself out, do not place the key down in the cargo bay. Depress the accelerator pedal beyond the full- throttle resistance point. Do not expose the audio device to To prevent injury in the event of an acci- extreme environmental conditions, e.

Tire Coding Tire coding under controlled conditions on a specified gov- ernment test course. When it is opened, the splitdoor swings upward and outward to the rear. Engine malfunction Stop the car and switch off the engine.

Roller sun blind Press the cover on to close. Press the button briefly to change the for- mat or unit of measure.

Active safety is thus increased. Vehicle Battery Ampere rating. Do not depress Insert the key all the way into the ignition lock.

Mini Cooper Clubman 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Light variations in the grain is one of Safety belts the typical properties of natural leather. Otherwise the engine and fuel supply system will be damaged. Closing Notes Push the cover back into its original position. Note whether a lamp comes on alone or in combination with another.

Some lamps are checked for proper functioning and thus come on briefly when the engine is started or the ignition is switched on. Page Do not open the bonnet, otherwise there would be a risk of injury by scald- ing. You can continue your journey, but moderate your speed and exercise due caution.

2009 MINI Clubman - Owner s Manual (Mini Connected) (218 pages)

Engine oil pressure too low Stop immediately and switch off the engine. Changes may occur in vehicle handling such as lower track sta- bility during braking, longer braking distances and changes in self-steering properties when close to the handling limit.

Comply with the installation instruc- tions supplied with the rack system. Move the steering wheel to the preferred distance and angle to suit your seated posi- tion. Operational readiness of airbag system Do not place any items under the seat which could press against the seat from below.

Have the system checked as soon as possible. Carefully bring the car to a stop. Reducing brightness Press the button briefly. Tire Condition Tread depth checked.

Page Oil change Coolant consists of half water and half additive. Press and hold the button until the display changes. The higher the rate, the more effective the heating or If condensation starts to form on the cooling will be. It prevents the doors from being tachometer.

The objects seen in the mirror are closer than they appear. You can operate the system with the engine Clearing stored programs running or with the ignition switched on. Clock Press and hold the button until the display changes.

MINI Clubman - Owner s Manual (Mini Connected) - PDF ( Pages)