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There are probably more ways to do it, but this should be a good starting point for someone in the same shoes as I was.

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The jumper cables are easy to follow. No operations were specified. Detailed installation and usage instructions are available on its web site. They are easy and relatively safe to use on the chip that is sitting in the motherboard.

W25Q64BVZEIG Winbond Electronics W25Q64BVZEIG Datasheet

This means that the entire memory can be accessed with a single instruction as long as the clock continues. There may be some extra letters in the front or at the end that are all important when you select a replacement chip, but for the purpose of finding the chip on the motherboard they are not relevant. For further experiments I used this more permanent rig. Then I alternate with the soldering iron between the two sides fast enough so that one side doesn't cool down while I am warming the other.

W25Q64BV datasheet & applicatoin notes - Datasheet Archive

In the process I tried all of the methods described below, some on the actual laptop I fixed eventually, some on really-really dead motherboards. The address is automatically incremented to the next higher address after each byte of data is shifted out allowing for a continuous stream of data. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Output Hi-Z is defined as the point where data out is no longer driven.

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Also, you need to make sure to hold the nozzle vertically at all times to reduce the chance of blowing away nearby components. These settings allow a portion or all of the memory to be configured as read only. Since each programmer has its own application I am not going into the details on how to use them. They can cause short circuits later, flow measurement and instrumentation pdf when power is re-applied.

The MDA A SOP8 SMD 3W audio amplifier IC chip Inkocean Technologies

The MDA A SOP8 SMD 3W audio amplifier IC chip Inkocean TechnologiesViktor s DIY How to Recover a Laptop After a Failed BIOS Update

If you don't care about saving the chip used in the motherboard because you have a spare one, duh! This helps to distribute heat evenly across the pins, fast. Next, I will show a few ways to do just that. Newer Post Older Post Home. After the above procedure soldering the new chip in place will feel like a breeze.

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The preparations are pretty much the same as in the case of the Raspberry Pi. It is easy to make a mess by setting it to too high temperature of too strong airflow it can easily blow away nearby tiny components such as resistors, capacitors, etc. Then I put extra solder on the pins to the point where either side of the chip is one big blob of solder.

Viktor s DIY How to Recover a Laptop After a Failed BIOS Update

All other marks are the property of their respective owner. However, this is a fairly dangerous way of retrieving the chip as stray heat from the heat gun can easily de-solder nearby components making a mess and possibly finishing off the computer. This method requires a high level of expertise and experience in soldering using a hot air. For memory type and capacity values refer to Manufacturer and Device Identification table. This feature further protects the device from inadvertent writes.

These parameters are characterized only. Yes, it's a Compaq Mini netbook.

Later it turned out that the original chip was not destroyed by the procedure I put it through. If you do it as fast as I did, you can re-use the old chip after it has been re-programmed. This method also requires a great deal of experience in soldering. Pins on the right are almost gone.