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An agent may be classified in this category solely on the basis of strong evidence from mechanistic and other relevant data. Novelty and invention are not requisite for a trade secret as they are for patentability. The employer may discontinue an employee's medical evaluations when the employee is no longer required to use a respirator. Filtering facepiece dust mask means a negative pressure particulate respirator with a filter as an integral part of the facepiece or with the entire facepiece composed of the filtering medium.

29 CFR - Hazard communication

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Employers are not required to include in a written respiratory protection program those employees whose only use of respirators involves the voluntary use of filtering facepieces dust masks. Pyrophoric solid means a solid which, even in small quantities, is liable to ignite within five minutes after coming into contact with air.

For preventive measures, these substances are considered respiratory sensitizers. Known or presumed human carcinogens. The relevance of the route of exposure used in the study of the substance compared to the route of human exposure should also be taken into account. Evaluation of the test results shall be done using expert judgment and all the available evidence shall be weighed for classification.

For example, if a chemical is carcinogenic and acutely toxic, rapid action may be crucial, and first aid measures for acute toxicity will take precedence over those for long-term effects. This non-mandatory Appendix provides additional guidance on hazard classification for carcinogenicity.

In those cases, the tiered weight of evidence strategy should be applied as referred to in section A. Respiratory tract irritation and narcotic effects are to be evaluated separately in accordance with the criteria given in A. Pyrotechnic chemicals are included even when they do not evolve gases.

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Where the mixture itself has been tested to determine its acute toxicity, it is classified according to the same criteria as those used for substances, presented in Table A. Employers shall have a safety data sheet in the workplace for each hazardous chemical which they use.

The employer shall provide a medical evaluation to determine the employee's ability to use a respirator, before the employee is fit tested or required to use the respirator in the workplace. If the mist or aerosol from a pressurized container is fine, a pool may not be formed.

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Human data is the primary source of evidence for this hazard class. In such cases, the test results for the mixture as a whole must be shown to be conclusive taking into account dose and other factors such as duration, observations and analysis e. However, the marketplace laura antoniou pdf a label warning is optional.

Description of waste residues and information on their safe handling and methods of disposal, including the disposal of any contaminated packaging. The two-category system is described in the Figure A. Oxidizing solid means a solid which, while in itself is not necessarily combustible, may, generally by yielding oxygen, cause, or contribute to, the combustion of other material. The data suggest a carcinogenic effect but are limited for making a definitive evaluation because, e. In this situation, the employer shall ensure that employees can immediately obtain the required information in an emergency.

This classification is based on strength of evidence together with weight of evidence considerations See paragraph A. The effects are largely confined to the package and no projection of fragments of appreciable size or range is to be expected. In some instances, the above categories may be used to classify the degree of evidence related to carcinogenicity in specific organs or tissues.

Care shall be exercised in evaluating data on mixtures, that the dose, duration, observation or analysis, do not render the results inconclusive. Handling and storage a Precautions for safe handling.

The data shall be evaluated and, where possible, shall not include secondary effects e. The employer shall ensure the written materials are readily accessible to the employees in their work area throughout each work shift. The conceptual framework for evaluating a mode of action for chemical carcinogenesis.

Additional category for effects on or via lactation. Suspected human carcinogens.

29 CFR - Hazard communication

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It may be a device or process which is clearly anticipated in the prior art or one which is merely a mechanical improvement that a good mechanic can make. This paragraph requires employers to establish and implement procedures for the proper use of respirators. Evidence of skin sensitization in humans normally is assessed by a diagnostic patch test. Sorbent beds and filters shall be maintained and replaced or refurbished periodically following the manufacturer's instructions.

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An increased incidence of tumors in both sexes of a single species in a well-conducted study, ideally conducted under Good Laboratory Practices, can also provide sufficient evidence. Part A is consistent with Appendix A. That is, a positive relationship has been observed between the exposure and cancer in studies in which chance, bias and confounding could be ruled out with reasonable confidence.

Hood means a respiratory inlet covering that completely covers the head and neck and may also cover portions of the shoulders and torso. In general, developmental effects that are observed at maternally toxic doses should not be automatically discounted. Some oxidizing solids may present explosion hazards under certain conditions e.

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The condition will have the clinical character of an allergic reaction. However, the above documents are not intended to dictate answers, nor provide lists of criteria to be checked off.

Nevertheless, a substantial element of secrecy must exist, so that, except by the use of improper means, there would be difficulty in acquiring the information. Classification of mixtures with ingredients for which the approach in Table A. Severity of reaction may also be considered. Suspected human reproductive toxicant. Hazard statements may be combined where appropriate to reduce the information on the label and improve readability, as long as all of the hazards are conveyed as required.