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Do not go for inside fake. See the ball at all times.

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They read through the line and pursue flow. We are throwing out these ideas so that you will think and maybe incorporate an idea or two. Oscar Edgardo Oliva Aleman. The defensive tackles need to stay sound in the area they are in and not freelance side to side.

Up - deep zone When the ball is thrown, the interception point is yards in front of the receiver at the moment you recognize the pattern. We play two different coverages for our defensive backs, so they can distinguish between two different approaches.

You have cutback if you take proper angle. When asked about our philosophy of developing our youth football defensive players, the first thing that comes to mind is linebackers. This will take away the flood pattern.

This may work in the youth level but they are not learning how modern day football is played. If they detect a run play, they fight off the block of the receiver or lead player and maintain outside leverage and help turn any play back to the inside. Whwn receiver looks, you look. Panic-you are not beat until the ball is thrown. If the tight end is blocking down on him, he is already fighting back with pressure.

The philosophy behind the defense in youth football. When the ball is thrown, the interception point is yards in front of the receiver at the moment you recognize the pattern. The defense for youth football or the defensive formation is a good youth football defense for Select teams.

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Head and shoulders turned in toward the ball. Linebacker play is where we have seen the most progression in development the last several years. When the hands come up, punch through the pocket with your inside hand and clap the receiver's hand. We play our best football players at the two outside linebacker positions. While our outsider backers play with outside leverage, our inside backers play with an inside out leverage, which keeps them in a great position on a cut back from the ball carrier.

Tackles must squeeze down on traps. Keep the chin pulled down, the head and shoulders out in front of the forward foot.

Attack man over on snap Tackles must squeeze down on traps. Danilo Andres Silva Esparza. Safety align up deep enough so that he feels comfotable covering deep outside Flat. Yo this to one side or both sides. Once they determine the path of the ball they will shed the blocker and rip through to the play side.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Keep outside arm free and outside leg back. We stress to them not to just take an easy way out. Never allow receiver to get behind you in deep zone responsibility. If a pass is determined, they drop back and cover the deep thirds of the field on the side they are on.

How Easy Can Defense Get 30 Minutes to a Defense

These are our toughest players and best tacklers. Both knees should be bent to permit the feet to extend back past the hips. But once they have read the play, we want them to have some fun and create havoc.

This passing adjustment would give you great coverage in the flats with extra linebackers. They flip flop with the formation. This is the arm that is farthest from the flight of the ball. They must cover the run and the pass. In man, they cover the farthest outside receiver to their side.

The defense for youth football is all about linebackers. Many youth coaches run what they were taught, porte pdf leading a five front defense and boxing the defensive ends out for contain. The is a good defense because you don't need as many good defensive players as some other defenses.

They need to be both talented and smart, because this is our player with outside containment responsibility. Once he knows a pass is coming, we want him to pin his ears back use his best pass rush move to get the sack. Safety - Fill inside out on sweep. But we do not want to stop there. At the youth football level, the sweep or some version of an outside play is the killer and must be stopped.

If you have no chance for the interception, make certain you tear away his upfield arm. Email required Address never made public. Backside Corner - Take proper pursuit angle.

Our defensive ends do not have outside responsibility. Stunt to the heels of offensive linemen.