40 Principles Triz Keys To Technical Innovation Pdf

The one of the tools used to overcome technical contradictions are called Principles. Altshuller discovered these Principles during his investigation and synthesis of thousands of patents.

If such additives are already used, employ luminescent traces or trace atoms. Used-up parts of an object should be restored during its work. Carry out the process in a vacuum.

Beforehand cushioning Prepare emergency means beforehand to compensate for the relatively low reliability of an object. Pneumatic or Hydraulic Constructions a. Download Arboles En Espana. If an object or process is rigid or inflexible, make it movable or adaptive.

Use a lead apron on parts of the body not being exposed to X-rays. Analisis Y Tratamiento Ortodontico. Discarding and recovering Make portions of an object that have fulfilled their functions go away discard by dissolving, evaporating, etc.

Replace mechanical vibrations with piezovibrations. Watering a lawn with a continuous stream of water can damage the soil and cause a lot of water to run off and be wasted. Asymmetry Change the shape of an object from symmetrical to asymmetrical. That object is placed inside a third one.

Make an object porous, or use supplementary porous elements inserts, covers, etc. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Parameter changes Change an object's physical state e. Use combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic field oscillations.

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By using these Principles individually and in combination, placa de hawley pdf you have hundreds of combinations for solving technical contradictions and other problems. These were some of the keys of how inventive people solved inventive problems independent of industry or science.

TRIZ 40 Principles

If thermal expansion is being used, use multiple materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. Use pauses between impulses to perform a different action. Mechanics substitution Replace a mechanical means with a sensory optical, acoustic, taste or smell means. Replace symmetrical form s with asymmetrical form s.

Book Review 40 Principles TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation40 principles triz keys to technical innovation pdf

Different parts of an object should carry out different functions. Turn an object upside-down. Amplify a harmful factor to such a degree that it is no longer harmful. Use ultrasonic vibrations in conjunction with an electromagnetic field.

40 principles triz keys to technical innovation pdf

Compensate for the weight of an object by combining it with another object that provides a lifting force. Replace solid parts of an object with a gas or liquid. Isolate an object from its outside environment with flexible membranes or thin films.

If feedback already exists, change it. This makes it easier to measure with conventional tools. Texto Y Atlas De Anatomia. Taking out Separate an interfering part or property from an object, or single out the only necessary part or property of an object.

40 principles triz keys to technical innovation pdf

Homogeneity Make objects interacting with a given object of the same material or material with identical properties. Use electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object. Not all feedback systems are automated! Replace homogeneous materials with composite ones. Objects interacting with the main object should be made out of the same material or material with similar properties as the main object.

40 Principles Extended Edition

Merging Bring closer together or merge identical or similar objects, assemble identical or similar parts to perform parallel operations. Change the physical state of the system. Copying Instead of an unavailable, expensive, fragile object, use simpler and inexpensive copies. If an action is already periodic, change the periodic magnitude or frequency. Divide an object into parts capable of movement relative to each other.

How can we prevent a nail from making a flat tire? Thermal expansion Use thermal expansion or contraction of materials.

Consolidate in time homogeneous or contiguous operations. Changes taste, aroma, texture, chemical properties, etc. After completing its function, or becoming useless, an element of an object is rejected discarded, dissolved, evaporated, etc.

Anti-weight To compensate for the weight of an object, merge it with other objects that provide lift. Implementing a chosen concept still remains the work of an engineer. Change the concentration or density. Download Atencion Primaria.