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She wanted to encourage the person to grab it again. He thought that was the other lion. The doll broke when it fell onto the floor. Several is more than two but not many.

If someone is alone, they are not with another person. If something is pleasant, you enjoy it.

To rest is to stop being active while the body gets back its strength. Ifyou are frank, you are being very honest. An article is a story in a newspaper or magazine.

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He wants to sell it to them for a profit. Some of them began to cry. To burn something is to set it on fire.

The heat was hurting his back very badly. To guard something is to take care of it. They finished four lines of corn and went to bed.

To increase something is to make it larger or more. Ifyou are among certain things, they are all around you.

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They attended the party together. Hewants them to give their professional opinion.

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Why it is essential to guard cows b. The most essential part of his job was to keep the cow alone. If something is essential, liberalismo pdf it is very important and necessary.


After I'd read the whole series, I came to the conclusion that these books are quite good and could be almost crucial for most english learners even at high level. Its a beginners level book for teaching simple English words to help you improve your vocabulary. Overall, its a good book to teach yo Its a beginners level book for teaching simple English words to help you improve your vocabulary. The words included in this series were chosen because they occurred many times in different levels of these materials.

Howthe image of a peacock in the sky came about d. She arranged her hair and put on nice clothes. But she did not answer me.

He turned Argos into a group of stars. You can read articles in a newspaper. Make the model of a planet d. An apartment is a set of rooms in a building where people live. It was a very serious thing to do.

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It should be noted that words have more than one grammatical category. This is an easy self study book that could help you to review introductory and common words. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it into the water. An artist who teaches art classes in his apartment c. One day he proposed something.

She sat back against a rock and thought for a while. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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If something likely happens, it will probably happen. As always, the door was locked. He stayed alone in his apartment all day. The rabbit went very slowly that day, so the lion was angry when the rabbit finally arrived.

To announce something is to make it known. He worked hard and did well at his job.

The purpose of the sun and the moon d. First, he ran as fast as he could. Drinking water is something that she must do.

When Liz arrived, Mia told her about the night before. His primary function was to guard a special cow. Sometimes, meeting a ghost has advantages. Fright is the feeling of being scared.