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This function automatically excludes defect element in average temperature calculation.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Thermo Well Method Insert a gasket and lower the flexible tube into the inlet of the stilling well. Use a tester to check the current flow in the loop.

Trademarks of other products mentioned in this document are held by the companies producing them. Yet, for most Americans living during the Progressive Era, the newly arrived immigrant personified the threat of trachoma. These three pairs are looped internally.

Anchor weight dimension Different dimension, weight, and material anchor are also available. Anchor Weight Method Insert a gasket and lower the flexible tube from the nozzle on the tank top. Consult your Varec representative for further details. Draw the end of the tensioning wire as much as possible by hand and foot see Figure Bend the wire and fix it using the nut. Top anchor dimension Note!

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Safety Precautions Warning! All metal parts of the sensor and the transmitter shall be electrically conductive and securely be connected to the potential equalization system within the hazardous area. Additional sampling will cause slower reaction time on value switch over. Power Supply Make sure of the grounding of the instrument before connecting input and output to another system. Among the many immigrants on board the vessel was a thirty-seven-year-old East European rabbi named Chaim Goldenbaum.

Straighten the tensioning wire, fix the wire end to the top anchor temporarily and lower the wire. This document is for information purposes only. Tighten the tensioning wire between the lower end of the flexible tube and the anchor weight. Please refer to the recommended procedure below. Rabbi Goldenbaum was one of approximately immigrants coming to America in diagnosed with trachoma.

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Measurement can continue without having to carry out a new setup. No institutional affiliation. Safety conventions Warning!

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Follow all precautions and warning noted herein when installing, operating or performing maintenance on this equipment. Bulletin of the History of Medicine. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Safety Precautions Read and understand this instruction manual before installing, operating or performing maintenance on the Varec Average Temperature Sensor and Converter.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Please consult your Varec representative for further details. This will ensure that the measurement is not influenced by changes in ambient temperature.

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Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Note! Unpacking Installation Unpacking When unpacking, be careful not to bend, fold or twist the flexible tube. Standard, Advanced Selection of average calculation method. Explosion protection Explosion protection Varec, lm386n datasheet pdf Inc.

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Use of parts that are not manufactured or supplied by Varec, Inc. Top anchor application The installation procedure is the same as for mounting on a fixed roof tank using the top anchor.

If does not effect the physical location of the temperature element position. Maintenance They contain the related replacement instructions. Do not attempt to change these parameters. Thermo well application The installation procedure is the same as for mounting on a fixed roof tank using the thermo well. The number of elements on this version is pre-determined by the customer's choice.