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The The assembly is contained in a bore in the valve purpose of the manual valve is to direct fluid to the body above the shift valves. Solenoid harness must be clear of engaged in manual valve Fig. Keep filter screws separate from other valve body screws. Adjust linkage - setting may be too long. Overdrive Clutch Pack Worn.

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If clearance is incorrect, clutch plates, clutch discs, snap-ring, or pressure plate may have to be changed. Be the first to write review. Be sure gears are fully meshed and seated. Insert bolt through cam, case and adapter tool.

9RE. 46RE 47RE 48RE Rebuild Manual

Originally Posted by Hurley. Replace overdrive annulus gear. Replace the driving shell if distorted, cracked, or damaged in any way. The turbine is mounted within the housing opposite the impeller, but is not attached to the housing. Send a private message to calltrex.

Then clean the servo components with solvent and dry with compressed air. The sensor is positioned over the park gear and monitors transmission output shaft rotating speed. The impeller consists of curved blades placed radially along the inside of the housing on the transmission side of the converter. Wondering how great the savings are doing it yourself to having someone do it.

Chrysler 48RE Manual

Then install annulus gear retaining snap- plates or drum if binding occurs. Push valve body harness connector out of case. The stator is located between the impeller and turbine within the torque converter case Fig. Correct level and check for leaks.

Originally Posted by Hurley What about valvebody modifications? Aston Martin See all Back. Check continuity with test lamp. Test and replace switch if faulty.

This pushes the valve upward against the spring and bot- The purpose of the limit valve is to prevent a toms the valve against the top of the housing. Find More Posts by wideopen. Cut it so that both of the sun gear bushings can still be fully engaged, and then weld half of a washer to the end for a handle. Route cable away from engine and bell housing. Mount it on blocks, or in workbench with appropriate size mounting hole cut into it.

The ball must move freely and not stick. Mercedes Benz See all Back. Polish the hub and notches mounting bracket. Insert gauge between rear annulus gear and shoulder on intermediate shaft as shown.

9RE. 46RE 47RE 48RE Rebuild Manual

The overdrive psi kPa with throttle lever forward clutch pressure port is at the left rear of the case. Be sure unit is facing upward for access to direct clutch hub. Find More Posts by Hurley. Then work park rod and valve body out of case Fig. Be sure locating ring groove in bear- ing is toward rear.

Transfer Case Parts See all Back. Replace all snap-rings during geartrain assembly. Inspection Also check action of the check ball in the piston there is any doubt about bushing condition.

Just as well add this to the list. Metrocab Taxi See all Back.

Note the orientation of the clutch discs. Using the same forces and areas as in the previous example, the smaller piston Fig. Assembly Replace the piston if the ball is missing, or seized in place. Support shaft carefully during installation. Be sure plate is seated squarely on cam.

Verify that thrust washers, thrust plates and seal rings are correctly positioned. If bushing is scored, replace it. If end play is incorrect, transmission is sure rings are hooked together correctly. Verify floor mat is not under pedal, reglas de composicion fotografica pdf repair Restricted. The race is a permanent press fit on the hub splines.

The increase in pressure and volume must be regu- The timing valve is moved by line pressure lated to maintain the balance within the transmis- coming through the shift valve Fig. Throttle Linkage Mis-adjusted. As the gears rotate, clearance between gear teeth The oil pump Fig. Calibration of the pressure The governor pressure sensor measures output transducer offset occurs each time the output shaft pressure of the governor pressure solenoid valve Fig. Determine why fuse failed and repair as necessary i.

Be very sure retaining ring is fully seated in sun gear ring groove. Use scriber or paint to make alignment marks.


To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The rear clutch remains applied, as it has been in the other The shift valve mechanism Fig.