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Set the dial indicator to zero. Adjust the J tool so that the bottom of seal installer matches the bottom seal groove.

Damaged or worn teeth, splines, or thrust washers on the differential side gears or the differential pinion gears. Damaged or worn bushing in support. Lift J and record dial indicator reading. Refer to Figure for bolt location.

Install the connector with black and Dk. Refer to Make sure feed holes are open.

Install one vane ring into the pump pocket. Augusto Barragan Monsivais. The input carrier to final drive sun gear shaft lube dam may come out with the carrier if it did not come out with the input carrier.

Install the end play measuring tools as shown in Figure onto the converter. The Reverse Servo is under pressure. It may be facing up or down and must be in the same position for assembly. Measurement should be minimum. Install the output shaft into the transaxle being careful not to damage any bushings, comportamiento humano en las organizaciones libro pdf until it is engaged into the final drive splines.

Automatic Transmission


It provides four forward ranges including overdrive and all shifts are freewheeling. Install the manual valve into case cover bore and set completed case cover assembly aside for the final assembly process. You can leave the re-sizing tool in place on the input housing until you are ready to install the input housing into the transaxle. Retain bearing assembly with petrolatum.

These compression rings should be discarded and replaced during rebuild. It is recommended that dowel pins be used as guides to keep gaskets in place. This will allow removal of the output shaft. Drive Chain Stretch Check. Ensure that oil pump drive shaft will still turn freely, after torquing pump.

This procedure is just to check for proper installation of the roller clutch assembly. Repeat this procedure for the center seal and the top seal. It may be necessary to tap the turbine shaft gently with a rubber mallet.

Install a new spiral snap ring. Install the connector with purple and Lt. Some final drive ratios, this bearing will be a trapped bearing.

Refer to Figure for bolt locations. Rotate transaxle so that bottom pan surface is is facing up. Lubricate with a light coating of petrolatum for any wear or damage.

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Damaged or worn inner race on the support. Use Figure as a reference. To avoid the possibility of personal injury and damage to the transaxle, install All the bolts for the support fixture. Damage to the differential pinion shaft or differential carrier housing.

Ensure that two screens are in spacer plate and four. Use tool J or large screwdriver in order to lift the differential carrier. Inspect the planetary carriers for any damage, wear, or cracks in the pinion teeth or splines. Rotate transaxle so that the case cover surface is facing up.

After the proper final drive end play has been achieved, install the final drive housing to case seal and install all four bolts. If the gear is installed upside down, noise may result, because of the change in the gear wear pattern. Insert the accumulator piston pin through the front of the case cover and into the piston.

Make sure that the driven sprocket support and both sprockets are fully seated. Install the input carrier into case by rotating into position to engage the reaction carrier. Install the input carrier into the reaction carrier with a twisting motion to engage the carriers pinions and ring gears, and set the complete assembly aside for the final assembly process.

Manual Transmission

Set the completed accumulator assembly aside Figure for the final assembly process. Rotate transaxle so that final drive housing is pointing straight up. Disassembly continued on next Page. Install the entire assembly into the case while thickness thrust washer. Transmisiones Automaticas Bricar.

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Pull the slide towards pivot pin and install the slide seal and back-up seal. The drive chain must be installed in the correct direction. Rotate the differential carrier until the end of shaft through the differential side gear.


Install the pinion gears with thrust washers into the differential carrier housing. It may be stuck to the clutch housing. Inspect all parts for wear or damage.