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The text is relevant, and it should remain so for some time. In general, the topics in the text are presented in a logical order, with more basic ideas coming before more complex ones. The higher temperature caused cellular respiration to occur at a higher rate which in turn caused a greater consumption of oxygen. In fact, not only are there no such problems, but many of the examples used demonstrate a clear commitment to human and other biological diversity.

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The OpenStax Biology book has units and chapters that cover all of the major topics that one would consider for a general or introductory Biology course. This helps students connect what they are learning with their lives.

Repeat these steps to make the other five respirometers. The text describes the reactions in steps, but they are not accompanied by labels on the figure, marker enzymes pdf which I think is a shame. The core concepts of biology can be taught in many different orders and there is not one best linear path through the material.

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No culturally insensitive or offensive material was encountered. Each section is consistently laid out and includes a glossary, chapter summary and review questions for students. It is this reviewers opinion that the organization and flow of material is traditional and well served. About the Course About the Exam.

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These provide real world examples as to why they are learning these topics and how they can be applied to a career or are being used by other scientists and professionals. The questions offered for students to self-test were few and under-developed.

The graphics were small and not at all rich. One inconsistency of note is the use, or lack of use, of graphical phylogenetic hypotheses. Of course, my lens is a bit foggy with bias. In particular, they praise Biology for its convenience, affordability, and succinctness. The sections and chapter headings are well organized throughout and set up an easy to follow format for students.

Some of the links would not open, such as a video link illustrating the fluidity of membranes. The text uses straightforward language, maintaining clarity in this field full of specialized vocabulary. This textbook is almost exactly like any paper textbook.

The topics are presented in a logical, clear fashion, with minimal searching for an area of interest. For each of these phyla, there is at least one illustration of major structural elements and a discussion of characteristic features, along with images of typical forms.

My overall impressions of Biology from OpenStax by Rye et al. The book is perfectly fine in its modularity and is similar to most other biology textbooks.

This text is a nice way to help students organize those core ideas, all in one place. The topics are presented in a format that is typical and logical for a large introductory biology text. On the other hand, there did not seem to be many opportunities for the inclusion of racial, ethnic, or socio-economic variation in the text.

My students do a lot of Google image searching to supplement graphics. This book teaches them the basics every biology major should become familiar but spans a large amount of disciplines within biology. Jennifer Doudna and others.

Discussion of modern genetics is appropriate in detail. Navigation is obvious, reliable, intuitive, and resembles a traditional hard copy text, so that it should feel familiar to most students. Also, all terms that might be unfamiliar to students are used simply and properly, then defined in each chapter-end glossary. Reviewed by Joseph Ly, Lecturer, St.

Most require that students explain or apply a concept from the textbook. Identify at least three of the controls, and describe the purpose of each control. This textbook is extremely comprehensive, almost too comprehensive.

The book is consistent every chapter is clearly laid out in a good order and would make a great book for freshman biology majors. These are presented well with all sides considered.

For the most part this textbook is consistent in use of terminology. Blocks of text are broken frequently by diagrams and questions, which helps them feel less intimidating. As far as I can discern, the information looks accurate and does not favor one pedagogy over another.

Build Your Test-Taking Confidence. This will probably be apparent especially in the molecular genetics topics. The index is comprehensive yet lists multiple links to many terms in the pdf version. The wildly popular test prep guide? It focuses on many broad aspects of biology such as Chemistry, Cell biology, Ecology and Geology.

Exam Essentials Exam-Day Policies. The overall framework makes it easy for students to find what they are looking for and they are not constantly adapting to a changing layout. Study the core scientific principles, theories, and processes that govern living organisms and biological systems. Complete the following page as thoroughly as possible.

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